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APAC Innovation Booth

 Dr. Ng Poh Khai

Senior Innovation Manager

Customer Solutions & Innovation - Asia Pacific

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Dr. Ng is a Senior Manager at the Asia Pacific Innovation Center, a global team focused on driving digitization and customer-centric innovation at DHL. He drives many of the IoT innovation agendas and works closely with various DHL divisions to seek new capabilities that derive value from customer-centric innovation. Furthermore, he manages a partnership between DHL and Huawei to provide synergies and accelerate the x-BU innovative collaborations between the two organizations.

Prior to DHL, Dr Ng was a Strategy Consultant with Accenture Strategy, with experience in a diverse range of projects, including sustainable development, smart & sustainable buildings, digital real estate, zero-based budgeting, merger & integration, project management office and change management. He has exposure to industries such as real estate, infrastructure, consumer goods and healthcare.

DHL Road Freight and Multimodal Booth

Supply chain managers face growing pressure to shorten lead times, without generating excessive cost. Therefore, we observe growing interest in multimodal transport. If you would like to learn more, please visit the booth of our Road Freight & Multimodal product team. They offer three interesting solutions. First, railway transport between China and Europe. Second, road freight between South East Asia and China, for example from Vietnam or Cambodia to Hong Kong or Shanghai etc. Third, road and rail freight can be connected to create fast and price competitive containerized transport from South East Asia to Europe – via China.

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